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Music & Movement Programmes for babies and toddlers

Our Music & Movement classes are tailored for babies, toddlers, and children aged between 4 months and 5 years old and incorporate Orff-Schulwerk, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Kodaly methodologies.

Developed and taught by early childhood specialists, these classes develop your child's musicianship, his/her motor & social skills, and are lots of fun for both parents and children!

Musical Bubs (4 - 9 months)*

Musical Babies (6 - 18 months) *

Musical Tots (16 - 36 months) *

Musical Kids (3 - 5 years old)

Music Makers (6 months to 3 years old)*

Bilingual Bubs (10-36 months)*

Broadway Babies (18-36months)*

*parent/guardian accompanied

Click HERE​ for more information about our music and movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Click HERE for more information on our Bilingual Bubs programme.

Vocal Programmes

Kids & adults individual singing lessons - For those looking to take their singing to the next level. We can also help you prepare for auditions, performances, competitions, and exams.

Singing Stars - Let your child sing his/her heart out at our singing club, learn vocal technique, build confidence and have fun! Repertoire includes pop songs, Disney songs, Broadway tunes, classical and folk songs from around the world. Children will also learn sight-singing and aural musicianship.

Singing Stars & Musicianship - For older students interested to learn fundamental singing techniques and holistic musicianship. Great for those who might like to work towards graded vocal exams, auditions, or performances. This programme also includes training of aural musicianship and sight-singing.

Glee Club - Show Choir group where your child will sing and dance to current hits and pop songs from artists such as Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, and Bruno Mars, etc

Pop Vocals for Teens - Students will learn healthy vocal and breathing technique, solfege and aural musicianship, fundamental music concepts, pop-styling and vocal techniques. Repertoire will be centred on pop-style songs.

Adult Pop Choir - Learn vocal technique and basic music theory while singing contemporary songs. 

Click HERE for more information about our singing classes.

Instrumental Programmes for children and adults

We offer individual and group classes teaching the piano, violin and ukulele for children ages 4 and over.


We encourage our students to learn a wide range of repertoire including classical, pop, jazz etc. In addition to learning an instrument, all of our musicians will learn music theory, develop their aural musicianship and learn the art of improvisation.

Kids on Keys - Group piano primer for children aged 3-5, perfect for laying the foundation for formal piano lessons 

Little Pianists - Group Piano lessons for children aged 4-6, using our in-house Creative Hearts book and curriculum developed by our Director and curriculum specialists

Ukelele Club - Group Ukulele lessons for children aged 4-6, using our in-house Creative Hearts book and curriculum developed by our Director and curriculum specialists. Children will learn how to sing and strum.

Kids & Adults Individual Lessons - Piano, Violin, Ukulele and Guitar. Choose from pop, classical, jazz etc. We can prepare you or your child for auditions, performances, competitions and exams.

Click HERE​ for more information on our Piano classes.



Click HERE​ for more information on our Instrumental classes.

Musical Theatre Performance Program​me

In our Broadway Gems programme, students will work towards becoming triple-threats, developing their skills in singing, dancing, and acting. Students will put up a mini showcase at the end of each term.

Broadway Babies (18-36months, accompanied)

Broadway Gems Minis (3-5 years old)

Broadway Gems Juniors (4-8 years old)

Click HERE​​ for more information about our Musical Theatre classes.

Songwriting & Composition Programme

Express your individualism and creativity and learn how to compose your own songs. Learn tools to write better lyrics melodies and chord progressions and produce your own music arrangements.

This program is available for both adults and children.

Click HERE​ for more information about our songwriting classes.

Music Theory Programme


We can prepare your child for ABRSM music theory exams, develop his/her aural musicianship or teach your child to sight-sing.

Click HERE​ for more information.

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