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​"Music, dance, painting and theatre are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment."  - William Bennett

Vocal Program

Our vocal programs are based on the Institute of Vocal Advancement method.

Glee Club - Let your child sing his/her heart out at our singing club, learn vocal technique, build confidence and have fun! Repertoire includes Pop songs, Disney songs, Broadway tunes and folk songs from around the world.

Adult Pop Choir - Learn vocal technique and basic music theory while singing contemporary songs

Kids & Adults Individual Lessons - For those looking to take their singing to the next level. We can prepare you or your child for auditions, performances, competitions and exams.

Click HERE for more information about our singing classes.

Instrumental Program

We offer individual and group classes teaching the piano and ukulele from ages 4 and up. We encourage our students to learn a wide range of repertoire including classical, pop, jazz etc. In addition to learning an instrument, all of our musicians will learn music theory, develop their aural musicianship and learn the art of improvisation.

Kids on Keys - Group piano primer for children aged 3-4 years old, perfect for laying the foundation for formal piano lessons 

Little Pianists - Group Piano Lessons for children aged 4-6 years old, using our own Creative Hearts curriculum

Kids & Adults Individual Lessons - Choose from pop, classical, jazz etc. We can prepare you or your child for auditions, performances, competitions and exams.

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​Early Childhood Music and Movement Program

Our classes are tailored for children aged between 18 months and 5 years old and incorporate Orff-Schulwerk, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Kodaly methodologies. These classes train your child's musicianship and develop his/her motor skills and social skills.


Click HERE​ for more information about our early childhood music and movement classes.

Songwriting Program

Express your individualism and creativity and learn how to compose your own songs. Learn tools to write better lyrics and melodies, and produce your own music arrangements. This program is available for adults and children.

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Broadway Program

Students from this program will turn out to be triple-threats, developing their skills in singing, dancing and acting.

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