Singing Stars

  • This course is for children who love to sing

  • Explore fun vocal and breathing exercises

  • Develop a good sense of pitch through solfege singing

  • Repertoire includes folk songs, pop songs, Disney songs, musical theatre tunes

  • Builds confidence

  • Performance opportunities

Adult Pop Choir

  • Love to sing? Looking to build on your vocal skills and meet new friends? 

  • You'll learn vocal techniques based on the IVA method (find out more hereand basic music theory while singing contemporary songs in harmony

  • No auditions and experience necessary

  • Performance opportunities

Individual Singing Lessons

  • Our singing lessons are based on the IVA method (Institute of Vocal Advancement) and you can find out more about it here

  • We offer individual singing lessons for those looking to take their singing to the next level. From children aged 4 to adults, we can prepare you for performances, auditions and exams!

  • In our lessons, we cover healthy vocal technique, breathing technique, vocal styling, widening your range, smoothening the break between the chest and head voice as well as music theory.

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