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Vocal Programmes

Individual Singing Lessons

  • Singing lessons based on the IVA method (Institute of Vocal Advancement). Find out more here

  • Individual lessons for children aged 4 to adults

  • Help you prepare for performances, auditions, and exams

  • Cover healthy vocal technique, breathing technique, vocal styling, widening your range, smoothening the break between the chest and head voice as well as music theory

  • Lessons include healthy vocal technique, breathing, vocal styling, range expansion, chest to head voice transition, and music theory

Singing Stars

  • Our specifically tailored in-house singing curriculum complemented by age appropriate pieces

  • Group lessons for children aged 4 to 7 who have a passion for singing

  • Explore enjoyable vocal and breathing exercises

  • Develop a good sense of pitch through solfege singing

  • Master the fundamentals of sight-singing

  • Discover a diverse repertoire encompassing folk tunes, popular hits, Disney classics, and musical theater melodies

  • Develop self-confidence

  • Performance opportunities

Singing Stars &

  • Designed for children aged 7 to 11 who have a passion for singing

  • Suitable for older students seeking to acquire essential singing skills and holistic musicianship

  • Ideal for children who are considering to take graded vocal exams, auditions, or performance opportunities

  • Includes training of aural musicianship and sight-singing techniques 

Glee Club

  • Specially crafted for children aged 6 to 12 who have deep love for pop music and find joy in singing and dancing

  • Performance-based show choir

  • Repertoire features popular songs, including chart-toppers by beloved artists such as Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars, and more

  • Develop vocal technique and learn captivating dance choreography

  • Develop self-confidence

  • Performance opportunities 

Pop Vocals for Teen
(currently suspended)

  • Group vocal lessons specially designed for teens aged 12 to 16

  • Explore proper vocal and breathing methods

  • Delve into solfege and aural musicianship

  • Learn fundamental music concepts and pop vocal techniques for Pop Singing

  • Repertoire primarily revolves around pop-style songs

Adult Pop Choir
(currently suspended)

  • Passionate about singing? Looking to enhance your vocal skills and meet like-minded individuals?

  • Learn vocal techniques based on the IVA method (find out more here) and basic music theory

  • No auditions and prior experience is not necessary

  • Performance opportunities

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