Individual or Group

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Our songwriting curriculum for children and adults has been developed by our Founder and Director, Natalie Hiong, an award-winning singer-songwriter who has released two albums, written music for Universal Studios and Resorts World and holds a Masters in Music (Songwriting).


  • Introduction to songwriting

  • Components of songwriting such as song structure, rhythm, melody and harmony (chords)

  • How to write a catchy hook and melodic tools such as repetition and sequence

  • Lyrical tools such as rhyme, imagery, metaphor

  • Music theory

  • Recording experience (currently suspended due to COVID)


Unravel the secrets behind songwriting and express your own thoughts through songs! Our individual songwriting will cater to your needs, whether it's helping you get started on putting lyrics and melody together, or to give your feedback on your existing songs, taking it to the next level!

Group (children):

Our songwriting students  will  explore  the  fundamental  components  of  songwriting:  rhythm, rhyme, song  structure, lyrics, and melody etc through an analysis of current pop songs and familiar tunes. 

At the end of the course, students will use the tools they have learnt to write, notate and record their own original songs! 

Watch your child beam with pride after creating his/her very own masterpiece!

Music Theory

Individual or Group

abrsm music theory grade 5 class grade 1 crash course music theory lessons

We prepare our students for their ABRSM graded theory exams in a fun, practical and systematic manner. We also encourage our students to apply their music theory through whole body movement in order to internalise what they've learnt in music theory and make them a better musician, rather than rote learning for an exam.