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Private Vocal Classes for Adults & Kids

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At Creative Hearts, we believe that singing classes and vocal coaching are not just for aspiring pop stars; they're for anyone seeking to develop their vocal ability and let their heart sing.

If you've ever felt like you're not hitting the right notes or yearning to reach higher ones, rest assured that your voice, much like any musical instrument, can improve with practice.

Whether you're embarking on vocal training from the ground up or seeking to refine your skills for exams, auditions or performances, Creative Hearts' private singing lessons provide a nurturing and inspiring space for every voice to shine.


Our inclusive approach welcomes children aged 4 and above, as well as adults. Join us on a singing journey where your voice becomes a powerful instrument of self-expression and joy!

Ready to unleash the melodies within you?

From pop vocal lessons to lessons following a musical theatre syllabus, our music school ensures you meet your singing goals at your pace, in a supportive atmosphere.

  • Improved Vocal Skills: Whether you're a child, teen, or adult, singing lessons will enhance your vocal abilities, helping you hit all the right notes in your vocal range.

  • Self-Expression: Singing lessons offer a creative outlet for self-expression, allowing you to convey your inner voice, emotions, and thoughts through the power of song.

  • Boosted Confidence: As you progress in your singing journey, your self-esteem will soar. This newfound confidence extends beyond music and positively impacts various aspects of your life.

  • Discipline through Joyful Learning: The discipline and patience required to master singing come more naturally when the learning environment is geared towards play and creativity.

  • Stress Relief: Singing is a natural stress reliever. It allows you to unwind, release tension, and find vocal freedom, promoting emotional well-being.

Private Vocal Lessons in Singapore (Individual)

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singing classes.heic

For children ages 4 years old to adults


  • Building a Strong Foundation: We teach our students healthy vocal and breathing techniques, allowing you to sing your favourite songs while protecting your delicate voices.

  • Enhanced Vocal Development: Individual singing lessons focus on the development of strong vocal techniques, including strengthening of vocal cords, breath control, pitch accuracy, and tone quality.

  • Precise Pitch and Intonation: Sharpened pitch accuracy and intonation for singing in tune and harmonising effectively.

  • Expanded Vocal Range: Increase vocal range to confidently explore a diverse repertoire of songs and musical styles.

  • Balanced Mix Voice Development: Develop a balanced mix voice, seamlessly transitioning between chest voice and head voice, enhancing vocal strength and the ability to sing high notes with a powerful voice.

  • Controlled Vocal Dynamics: Develop the ability to sing both softly and powerfully with precision, mastering dynamic vocal control.

  • Versatility Across Genres: Exploration of various musical genres, from classical to pop to musical theatre, to broaden musical horizons.

  • Develop Aural Musicianship: Through the use of solfege and aural training, our singing lessons aim to enhance our students’ ability to recognise and reproduce musical notes and melodies by ear, fostering a deeper understanding of music and improving your overall musicianship.

  • Confident Stage Performance: With our multitude of performing opportunities, gain confidence to perform on stage, captivating audiences with the art of siging.

  • Creative Self-Expression: We empower our students to develop their own style and to use the voice as a medium for creative self-expression, conveying emotions, thoughts, and stories through song.

  • Preparation for Auditions and Performances: We equip you with the skills and confidence required for successful auditions, exams, competitions and live performances.

Look forward to:

  • A transformative journey of self-expression and musical growth regardless of your age or prior experience.

  • Singing lessons based on IVA (Institute of Vocal Advancement) method. Know more about this method here. 

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Group Singing Lessons

Singing group.jpeg

Harmonise, learn, and grow your singing skills in Creative Hearts' group singing lessons!

Under the guidance of our nurturing teachers, enhance your vocal cords and social interaction while building a lifelong love for music.

Why Choose Creative Hearts?


Founder's Expertise

Our vocal lessons are rooted in the IVA methodology, which is deeply inspired by the speech-level singing (SLS) technique and has transformed countless voices worldwide.

Under the guidance of our Director, Natalie Hiong, we've adapted these techniques to be age-appropriate, especially for our young singers, ensuring that we offer the finest singing lessons that aim to inspire.


Nurturing Teachers

Our educators aren’t just teachers; they're mentors.

Qualified, nurturing, and trained in-house, they ensure every child feels valued, understood, and encouraged.


Personalised Singing Classes

At Creative Hearts, we recognise that every singing journey is wonderfully unique. That's why, our approach is all about personalisation, nurturing guidance, and growth.

Our team diligently identifies each student's individual singing challenges and prescribes exercises tailored to address those weaknesses, leading to remarkable improvements and vocal breakthroughs.


In-House Curriculum

Creative Hearts' holistic musical education is built on three core pillars: Express, Create, and Perform.

Our signature curriculum and teaching style nurture individual expression, foster creativity, and provide ample performing opportunities for children at any point in their musical journey, whether they are beginners or advanced learners.


Encourage Creativity

We prioritise creativity and improvisation in every singing lesson.

Students are encouraged to add their unique touch, be it a new tune, original lyrics, or even their compositions.


Learning Through Play and Joyful Learning

At Creative Hearts, we believe that singing success happens when it feels like play.

Our methods emphasise enjoyment and creativity, creating a joyful atmosphere where students are eager to explore and grow musically.


Early Childhood Focus

Recognising the importance of foundational years, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on early childhood, setting the stage for advanced musical exploration as they grow.


Musical Foundations from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály

Our private lessons are developed with the utmost care, blending musical fundamentals from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály to give your child a strong musical foundation from a young age and a lifetime of musical appreciation.


Lifelong Love for Music

As a leading Music and Performing Arts school in Singapore, our ultimate aim is to cultivate a lifelong love for music, enriching students' lives whether they embark on a professional musical path or pursue it as a favourite hobby.

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Testimonials and Reviews

"I’m glad we found creative hearts. Teacher Shaz has been patiently nurturing my son’s passion in singing and ukulele since he was 5 years old. The teachers there are now like friends and my son looks forward to lessons each week. At home we hear him singing the songs he learns joyously, that works our heart. Thank you."

- Kavitha Shekar

Ready to embark on this musical journey with us?

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to nurture your child's creativity!

Whether your child is setting out on a musical exploration or on the journey to refine their unique musical skills, Creative Hearts offers music lessons that emphasise on creativity, learning and fun.

Contact us now to book a trial class (at 50% off!) and discover the power of music in a nurturing environment.

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