Individual or Group


Our piano lessons are designed for students of all ages - from children 4 years and above to adults. We tailor our classes to the student's level and interest, for example, if the student is preparing for ABRSM graded exams or if the student would like to learn pop songs, or develop the ability to sing and play. We encourage all our students to develop the ability to improvise on the piano, and we ensure our lessons  are fun, allowing our students to develop a love for the instrument.

  • Introduction to the music staff 

  • Introduction to notes on the piano (keyboard geography)

  • Music theory

  • Age-appropriate repertoire

  • Scales and finger drills

  • Introduction to sightreading

  • Aural training

  • Solfege singing

  • Rhythm and beat

  • Improvisation and composition

  • Student showcase


For ages 4-6 years old - LITTLE PIANISTS

Our 'Little Pianists' group piano classes will develop a life-long love for music and musical ability that will stay with your child for life. This signature course for young beginners, ages 4 and up, is the start of your child's formal music education. The group setting provides a platform for building confidence, social skills and teamwork.

Combining age-appropriate piano pieces, off-the-bench movement activities, game-based learning and music theory worksheets, our group piano lessons will be fun and challenging and will develop the curious minds and musical abilities of our young musicians.


For ages 3-5 years old - KIDS ON KEYS

Kids on Keys is a fresh and innovative approach to teaching music and piano concepts to young children aged 3-5. Created for parents who are looking for more than a traditional music and movement program and whose children are too young to start on formal piano lessons, Kids on Keys lessons include:

  • Music and movement

  • Music theory (rhythm, solfege, dynamics etc)

  • Aural musicianship

  • Keyboard geography and exploration

  • Composition and music history

  • Color, shape, and letter recognition

Kids on Keys is the perfect piano primer for students before they start piano lessons at aged 4. The play-based early childhood music curriculum lays the ideal foundation for parents who want to kickstart their child’s piano education and develop their love for music! (Please note, children will not learn to play the piano)

Group piano lessons for children, max 3 in a class singapore
Children learning rhythm, note reading through flash cards and games
Our Little Pianists use our in-house curriculum for thier lessons