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Group Piano Course│Singapore Piano Lessons for Kids

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Discover the wonderful world of music with our group piano lessons!


Whether your child is an aspiring pianist or simply wants to explore the joy of music, our group piano courses are tailor-made to cultivate their talents in a collaborative and creative setting.

Unlock a World of Lifelong Learning, Emotional Expression, and Musical Growth through Creative Hearts' Group Piano Classes!

The piano is more than just an instrument—it's a canvas of stories, emotions and expression, developing young learners and creative minds.

We believe that every child is unique, yet see the benefits arising from group classes, which is why our approach is centred around fostering individual growth within a communal setting.

  • Life-Long Learning: Piano skills are a gateway to lifelong learning, offering continuous mental stimulation and joy throughout your child's life.
  • Social Interaction: In group piano lessons, your child can bond with like-minded music enthusiasts, fostering meaningful connections.

  • Musical Enrichment: Our piano courses deepen your child's appreciation for diverse musical genres, enhancing their cultural experience.

  • Performing Opportunities: Our piano classes lead to multiple performance opportunities throughout your child’s journey, allowing your child to showcase their talents and build confidence on stage.

  • Academic Advantages: Improved concentration and discipline cultivated through piano lessons can enhance your child's academic performance.

  • Emotional Expression: Learning music through piano lessons provides a powerful outlet for emotional expression, allowing children to connect with their feelings.

Group Piano Lesson Primer for Children

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Kids on Keys

For ages 3-5 years old

'Kids on Keys' presents an innovative and nurturing approach to teaching music and piano concepts to the youngest of learners.

This early childhood music curriculum places play at its core, making it the perfect introduction for children who may be too young to embark on formal piano lessons.

This group piano primer course is adopted by Maplebear, EtonHouse, E-bridge and Josiah Montessori Preschools.

  • Guide children in exploring the piano, identify where the notes are on the musical instrument, and learn simple one-note pieces.​

  • Give children more than a traditional music and movement program to kickstart their piano education and cultivate their love for music.

Look forward to:
  • Music and movement activities

  • Steady beat and rhythm activities using percussion instruments and resonator bars

  • Music theory through games and activities

  • Musical concepts (rhythm, solfege, dynamics, etc.)

  • Aural musicianship

  • Keyboard geography and exploration

  • Colour, shape, and letter recognition

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Group Piano Lessons for Children

Set out on a musical exploration with us, where young minds come together to discover the joys of playing the piano, fostering creativity, teamwork, and a lifelong love for music!

Little Pianists 

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For ages 4-6 years old

Our 'Little Pianists' group piano classes offer a fantastic entry point into your child's formal music education with engaging sessions designed for young beginners in small group sizes of just three students.

This programme is currently adopted by My Learning Haven and Josiah Montessori preschools.​

  • Provide students with a platform for building confidence, social skills and teamwork through a group setting and mastery of simple piano pieces.

  • Nurture a love for music that will last a lifetime.

Look forward to:
  • Engaging age-appropriate piano pieces, off-the-bench movement activities, and music theory worksheets

  • Curricula and books written by our Director Natalie Hiong that feature catchy, engaging songs and activities with characters your child will love, such as Charli Cat!​

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Why Choose Creative Hearts?


Founder's Expertise

Each programme is inspired by the vision of our founder, Natalie Hiong, an award-winning singer-songwriter and avid music educator.

With her rich experience and passion for education, students get a unique and holistic musical foundation.


Nurturing Teachers

Our piano teachers aren’t just educators; they're mentors.

Committed, compassionate, and trained in-house, they ensure every child feels valued, understood, and encouraged.


Growing With the Child

From the delicate tones of our 'Musical Babies' and 'Musical Tots' for our youngest learners to the building blocks of piano in 'Kids on Keys', our programmes evolve with each child, offering age-appropriate challenges and growth.


In-House Curriculum

Creative Hearts' holistic musical education is built on three core pillars: Express, Create, and Perform.

Our signature curriculum and teaching style nurture individual expression, foster creativity, and provide ample performing opportunities for children at any point in their musical journey, whether they are beginners or advanced learners.


Encourage Creativity

Lessons are interactive and lively, fostering an environment where students are motivated to share their ideas and contribute to the learning process.

Students are encouraged to add their unique touch, be it a new tune, original lyrics, or even their compositions.


Learning Through Play and Joyful Learning

At our music school, we believe that the best learning happens when it feels like play.

Our methods emphasize enjoyment and creativity, creating a joyful atmosphere where students are eager to explore and grow musically.


Early Childhood Focus

Recognizing the importance of foundational years, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on early childhood, setting the stage for advanced musical exploration as they grow.


Musical Foundations from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály

Our courses are developed with the utmost care, blending musical fundamentals from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály to give your child a strong musical foundation from a young age and a lifetime of musical appreciation.


Lifelong Love for Music

As a leading music school in Singapore, our ultimate aim is to cultivate a lifelong love for music, enriching students' lives whether they embark on a professional musical path or pursue it as a favourite hobby.

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Testimonials and Reviews

"A great place to learn! We were looking for a place to get started and the group lesson structure was perfect for my daughter as it gives her the interactivity with a friend, and at the same time learning through play with a teacher that was superb. Teacher Vanessa interacts well with my daughter and we have a happy pianist coming home every week to demonstrate her new found ability to play songs. Definitely a place to recommend for kids who are keen to learn from a dedicated team. Double thumbs up!"

- Candice Ng

"My kids love their piano class here! Special thanks to teacher Vanessa for making piano so fun for them!"

- Selina

"I have 2 daughters learning at Creative Hearts for almost a year. The teachers are approachable and able to tap on the strength of the kids. Creative Hearts also have creative ways to motivate the kids to practice! I would highly recommend this place!"

- Chong Ting Ting

"My girl started piano class when she is 4 years old. Initially I attended the class together with her so that we can practice together at home. Teacher Natalie's lessons are fun and interactive. She not only teach piano but music. They learn to sing, read the notes and play with some other instruments as well. My girl always looking forward for the lesson and enjoy the class."

- Emilyn Ewe

Ready to embark on this musical journey with us?

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to nurture your child's creativity!

Whether your child is embarking on a musical exploration or on the journey to refine their unique musical skills, Creative Hearts offers music lessons that emphasise on creativity, learning and fun.

Contact us now to book a trial class (at 50% off!) and discover the power of music in a nurturing environment with us.

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