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Vocal Lessons for Children & Adults | Group Singing Classes in Singapore

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Unlock your child's vocal potential with our engaging and fun-filled group vocal sessions, which are designed to inspire young voices, offering an inclusive and age-appropriate approach.

Whether your little one is a budding singer, an aspiring vocal talent, or can’t stop belting out Taylor Swift or Disney songs, Creative Hearts' group vocal lessons will help them find their singing voice!

Join us for group singing lessons that nurture young talents, inspire the love of music and give your child an opportunity to shine on stage!

Discover the magic of music and find singing success the fun way with the best singing lessons at Creative Hearts!

It's never too early or too late to embark on a vocal journey. However, not all singing lessons are the same. We offer an inclusive learning environment where each student's unique journey is celebrated, making our classes a perfect fit for all.

  • Improved Vocal Skills: Whether you're a child, teen, or adult, our singing lessons will enhance your vocal abilities, helping you hit all the right notes in your vocal range.

  • Auditory Skills: Our vocal lessons, which incorporate solfege singing, sharpen your auditory skills, making you more attuned to sounds, tones, and pitches, which, in turn, enhances your appreciation for music

  • Boosted Confidence: As you develop your singing talent, your self-esteem will soar. This newfound confidence extends beyond music and positively impacts various aspects of your life.

  • Self-Expression: Learn how to convey emotions, tell stories, and connect with others through son

  • Social Interaction: Our group singing classes are designed for communal learning, offering opportunities to collaborate with peers and fostering teamwork and social skills while forming lifelong friendships.

  • Increased Stage Confidence: Gain the confidence to perform on stage with your fellow singing enthusiasts through our multitude of performing opportunities both in-house and at public events.

Creative Hearts Group Singing Lessons

Singing Stars 

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For children aged 4-7


  • Develop Pitch and Intonation: Teach children to sing in tune by developing their pitch accuracy and intonation using solfege, helping them stay on key while singing.

  • Develop Breath Control and Support: Instruct children on how to control their breath and use proper breath support techniques to sustain notes and sing with power and control.

  • Increase Vocal Range: Expand vocal range by gradually introducing higher and lower notes, increasing the singing range.

  • Improve Tone Quality and Articulation: Work on improving the clarity and quality of their vocal tone and articulation, so they can sing with clear and expressive diction.

  • Build Confidence: Boost their confidence in using their voice by encouraging solo and group singing opportunities, helping them become comfortable and confident performers.

  • Encourage Creative Expression: Encourage children to express themselves through song and musical performance, helping them develop their creativity and emotional expression.

  • Music Appreciation: Foster an appreciation for music by introducing them to various musical styles, artists and genres, cultivating a well-rounded appreciation of music in addition to vocal skills.

Look forward to:
  • Exciting repertoire tailored to young singers, featuring folk tunes, popular hits, beloved Disney melodies, and enchanting musical theatre melodies.

  • Performance opportunities that will showcase the student's budding talents.

Singing Stars & Musicianship

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For children ages 7 to 11 years old


  • Develop Pitch and Intonation: Elevate their understanding of pitch and melody, incorporating advanced solfege and harmonisation techniques to ensure precision in vocal performances.

  • Develop Breath Control and Support: Help children achieve better control over their breath, enabling them to sustain complex notes and sing with increased power and control.

  • Expand Vocal Range and Versatility: Develop essential vocal techniques and expand their vocal range to include more complex notes and challenging melodies, fostering versatility in their singing abilities.

  • Improve Tone Quality and Articulation: Work on perfecting the subtleties of their vocal tone, clarity, and articulation, allowing them to sing with nuanced and emotionally expressive diction.

  • Develop Confidence: Encourage not only confidence but also proficiency in vocal performances through a range of solo and group opportunities, nurturing their development into skilled and assured performers.

  • Unleash Creative Expression: Empower children to unleash their creativity and emotional expression through song and artistic interpretation, enabling them to explore more advanced musical ideas.

  • Explore Advanced Music Concepts: Introduce more advanced music theory concepts, exploring harmonies, scales, and complex rhythms, deepening their understanding and appreciation of music while advancing their vocal skills.

Look forward to:
  • Dedicated aural musicianship training to enhance children's ability to recognise and interpret musical elements by ear.

  • Refined sight-singing skills that empower them to read and perform music with confidence and precision.

Pop Vocals for Teens

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For teens aged 12-16 who love pop music.


  • Contemporary Pop Vocal Techniques: Provide teenagers with advanced vocal techniques specific to contemporary pop music, including nuances in style, delivery, and vocal effects.

  • Pop Vocal Mastery: Focus on mastering the techniques required for authentic pop vocal performance, such as breath control, vocal runs, and the use of vibrato.

  • Developing a Strong Mix Voice: Teach teens how to blend their chest voice (lower range) and head voice (higher range) to create a balanced, powerful, and versatile mix voice. This is crucial for achieving the signature pop sound.

  • Mastering Vocal Transitions: Help teenagers smooth out vocal transitions between chest voice and head voice, enabling them to sing pop songs with consistent tone and resonance throughout their vocal range.

  • Controlling Dynamics: Train them to control the dynamics of their mixed voice, allowing them to sing softly for intimate parts of a song and belt out powerful notes during pivotal moments.

  • Breath Control and Support: Help teenagers achieve control over their breath, enabling them to sustain complex notes and sing with increased power and control.

  • Expressive Phrasing: Encourage teens to use their voice to convey emotions effectively, allowing them to infuse their performances with authenticity and meaning.

  • Strengthening Vocal Endurance: Work on exercises and techniques to build their stamina, ensuring they can maintain vocal quality and power during longer performances.

  • Developing Healthy Vocal Habits: Teach teens to use proper vocal techniques, including breath support and placement, to prevent strain and maintain vocal health while singing challenging pop songs.

Look forward to:
  • Repertoires centred on pop-style songs

  • Pop-style techniques to infuse your singing with contemporary flair

Adult Pop Choir 

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For adults looking to build their vocal and social skills

(No auditions or performing experience necessary)


  • Master vocal techniques based on the IVA method (find out more here).

  • Learn basic music theory while singing contemporary songs in harmony.

Look forward to:
  • Performance opportunities to showcase your singing skills.

  • Forging new friendships with fellow music enthusiasts, all in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Why Choose Creative Hearts Singapore Singing Lessons?


Founder's Expertise

Our vocal lessons are rooted in the IVA methodology, which is deeply inspired by the speech-level singing (SLS) technique and has transformed countless voices worldwide.

Under the guidance of our Director, Natalie Hiong, we've adapted these techniques to be age-appropriate, especially for our young singers, ensuring that we offer the finest singing lessons that aim to inspire.


Nurturing Teachers

Our educators aren’t just teachers; they're mentors.

Qualified, nurturing, and trained in-house, they ensure every child feels valued, understood, and encouraged.


Growing With the Child

From the delicate tones of our 'Musical Babies' and 'Musical Tots' for our youngest learners to the confidence-building ‘Singing Stars’, our programmes evolve with each child, offering age-appropriate challenges and growth.


In-House Curriculum

Creative Hearts' holistic musical education is built on three core pillars: Express, Create, and Perform.

Our signature curriculum and teaching style nurture individual expression, foster creativity, and provide ample performing opportunities for children at any point in their musical journey, whether they are beginners or advanced learners.


Encourage Creativity

Lessons are interactive and lively, fostering an environment where students are motivated to share their ideas and contribute to the learning process.

Students are encouraged to add their unique touch, be it a new tune, original lyrics, or even their compositions.


Learning Through Play and Joyful Learning

At Creative Hearts, we believe that the best learning happens when it feels like play.

Our methods emphasise enjoyment and creativity, creating a joyful atmosphere where students are eager to explore and grow musically.


Early Childhood Focus

Recognising the importance of foundational years, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on early childhood, setting the stage for advanced musical exploration as they grow.


Musical Foundations from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály

Our courses are developed with the utmost care, blending musical fundamentals from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály to give your child a strong musical foundation from a young age and a lifetime of musical appreciation.


Lifelong Love for Music

As a leading music school in Singapore, our ultimate aim is to cultivate a lifelong love for music, enriching students' lives whether they embark on a professional musical path or pursue it as a favourite hobby.

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Testimonials and Reviews

"I’m glad we found creative hearts. Teacher Shaz has been patiently nurturing my son’s passion in singing and ukulele since he was 5 years old. The teachers there are now like friends and my son looks forward to lessons each week. At home we hear him singing the songs he learns joyously, that works our heart. Thank you."

- Kavitha Shekar

"High energy and interactive class for my 3 year old daughter. She enjoyed singing and dancing with the other children in her class. Highly recommend!"

- Laci Oettmeier

"I've been part of the Creative Hearts adult pop choir for over a year now and I have loved it from the very first session. Natalie is such a passionate and encouraging leader; her knowledge of vocal coaching and music theory is excellent and the choir sessions are the perfect balance of practising technique to improve our singing abilities and just singing for the pure enjoyment of it. Even though there is a group of us, Natalie is very attentive to each individual's strengths and development areas and will take the time to offer one-to-one advice.  I would highly recommend Natalie as a music teacher to anyone."

- Sarah Ahmed

Ready to embark on this musical journey with us?

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to nurture your child's creativity!

Whether your child is setting out on a musical exploration or on the journey to refine their unique musical skills, Creative Hearts offers music lessons that emphasise creativity, learning and fun.

Contact us now to book a trial class (at 50% off!) and discover the power of music in a nurturing environment.

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