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What our parents and students say about us!

Janine has enjoyed every single music lesson with Teacher Natalie and Teacher Vanessa since she started lessons a year ago. Both teachers are always patient, caring and fun to hang out and learn from! We highly recommend Creative Hearts for any child who is looking for a positive and patient environment to begin their music journey!

- Marilyn Lau

I have loved spending time at Creative Hearts - I've been in the adult pop choir
since it was launched. It's a fun choir - and I think we've got quite good! - but
isn't just a singalong. It's also an excellent group singing lesson. Natalie is a
brilliant teacher with some sophisticated techniques to pass on and has really
helped me develop as a singer. My range and vocal strength had hugely
improved since joining. The choir is also really supportive and socially fun. I'd
recommend it if vou've done some singing before and have a basic grasp of
music but want to build on your talents and learn from a superb singer.

- Anna Jones

My 4 years old girl love Piano lesson with Natalie. They are not only playing the piano in the lesson, they do singing, basic theory and lots of fun music games too! Natalie is very patient with young kids. She is my girl's favourite teacher indeed!

- Ran Rho

My girl started piano class when she is 4 years old. Initially I attended the class
together with her so that we can practice together at home. Teacher Natalie's lessons are fun and interactive. She not only teach piano but music. They learn to sing, read the notes and play with some other instruments as well. My girl
always looking forward for the lesson and enjoy the class.

- Emilyn Ewe

My 3 year old loves his music classes! It's gratifying to see your child take such
an interest in the arts. It definitely helps in his self confidence and gives him an outlet for his creative side. I highly recommend Natalie as a teacher!

- Edna Tan 

My son is having alot of fun in the toddler class. The teacher Liyana is
awesome. My son enjoys the lessons. Natalie is very professional and very
accommodating to our requests.

- Krithikaa Nadarajan 

I have 2 daughters learning at Creative Hearts for almost a year. The teachers are approachable and able to tap on the strength of the kids. Creative Hearts also have creative ways to motivate the kids to practice! I would highly recommend this place!

- Chong Ting Ting 

My boy has been with creative hearts for 2 years now, and looks
forward to his music lessons all the time. He has had a few teachers,
and all of them were friendly, patient, sincere, and good with kids.
Natalie would also from time to time share photos and videos which
is always such a delight.
I haven't tried other music places, but I guess there's no need to, as
Creative Hearts are so awesome!

- Wallace Wong

Approachable teachers who are patient and encouraging, opportunities for outside performances, my girl looks forward to her weekly lessons. 

- Chan Yuen Ling Serene 

My 2 kids and I really enjoy all our music lessons here. My son and I are currently taking individual piano
lessons with Natalie while my daughter is taking group music classes. Natalie is very versatile and
encourages us to learn the music we like while teaching useful skills. Most importantly we learn to appreciate music itself and have fun jamming together to our favorite pieces as a family. Also worth commending teachers Liyana, Yen Ling and Nadia for always encouraging our little daughter and putting up with her idiosyncrasies. 

- Singyong Eng

My daughter and niece loved the songwriting camp so much, that we signed them up for more singing/songwriting lessons. Natalie was very encouraging and experienced, drawing out their strengths and teaching them different techniques. The girls enjoyed every minute of it! Will definitely be back when we next visit!

- Ngoei Enying

A great place to learn! We were looking for a place to get started
and the group lesson structure was perfect for my daughter as it
gives her the interactivity with a friend, and at the same time
learning through play with a teacher that was superb. Teacher
Vanessa interacts well with my daughter and we have a happy
pianist coming home every week to demonstrate her new found
ability to play songs. Definitely a place to recommend for kids
who are keen to learn from a dedicated team. Double thumbs up!

- Candice Ng

I've been part of the Creative Hearts adult pop choir for over a year now and I have loved it from the very first session. Natalie is such a passionate and encouraging leader; her knowledge of vocal coaching and music theory is excellent and the choir sessions are the perfect balance of practising technique to improve our singing abilities and just singing for the pure enjoyment of it. Even though there is a group of us, Natalie is very attentive to each individual's strengths and development areas and will take the time to offer one-to-one advice.  I would highly recommend Natalie as a music teacher to anyone.

- Sarah Ahmed

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