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Singapore School Holiday Camps: Music and Performing Arts | Summer Camp Singapore


Calling all parents and guardians! Are you looking for activities for your aspiring music enthusiast without sacrificing the fun?

Ignite your child's passion for music and the performing arts with our holiday and summer camps specially designed for children ages 3 to 10 years old! Look our for our exciting line-up of camps, showcasing well-loved characters from Disney, Mickey Mouse, Bluey and a delightful array of other favourites, as well as instrumental and vocal camps!

Struggling to keep your children engaged and entertained during the school break?

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Creative Hearts' Holiday Camps provide a refreshing break from the ordinary, immersing campers in a world of music and performing arts to give them a well-rounded experience that nurtures creativity, musical skills, emotional expression, and teamwork.

  • Holisitic Development: Our camps are designed to foster not just musical skills but also soft skills like teamwork, self-expression, confidence, and emotional intelligence.

  •  Fun and Engaging Activities: From learning instruments to exploring musical theatre, our camps promise fun activities that will open them up to new worlds and new friends.

  • Performing Experience: Let your child take centre stage! Our camps often culminate in a small performance, offering an exhilarating platform for your child to showcase what they've learned to nurture a sense of achievement and boost their confidence beyond the camp experience.

Camp Schedules

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We hope to see our little campers very soon! Hurry, limited slots are available!

Download our Camp Brochures below to find out more.

2024 Summer Holiday Camp

Why Choose Creative Hearts?


Founder's Expertise

Each programme is inspired by the vision of our founder, Natalie Hiong, an award-winning singer-songwriter.

With her rich experience, students get a unique and genuine musical foundation.


Nurturing Teachers

Our educators aren’t just teachers; they're mentors.

With our nurturing and highly qualified teachers, your child is in safe and capable hands, providing your child with a safe space for your child to explore, create, and express themselves freely.


Growing With the Child

From the delicate tones of our 'Musical Babies' and 'Musical Tots' for our youngest learners to the building blocks of piano in 'Kids on Keys', our programmes evolve with each child, offering age-appropriate challenges and growth.


In-House Curriculum and Compositions

In the 'Little Pianists' and 'Singing Stars' courses, students experience a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces as they play compositions arranged by Natalie, making their learning journey more personal and engaging.


Encourage Creativity

Lessons are interactive and lively, fostering an encouraging environment where students are motivated to share their ideas and contribute to the learning process. We prioritize creativity and improvisation.

Students are inspired to add their unique touch, be it a new tune, original lyrics, or even their compositions.


Learning Through Play and Joyful Learning

At Creative Hearts, we believe that the best learning happens when it feels like play.

We've carefully crafted our holiday programmes to be educational while entertaining, making the camps a balanced mix of fun and learning, making the most of your child’s holidays.


Early Childhood Focus

Recognizing the importance of foundational years, our curriculum places a strong emphasis on early childhood, setting the stage for advanced musical exploration as they grow.


Musical Foundations from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály

Our courses are developed with the utmost care, blending musical fundamentals from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály to give your child a strong musical foundation from a young age and a lifetime of musical appreciation.


Lifelong Love for Music

Our ultimate aim is to let campers bring with them an experience to remember and to foster a lifelong love for music, not just one week or two - enriching students' lives whether they choose a professional musical path or cherish it as a beloved hobby.

Testimonials and Reviews

"Our children, 3 and 5 attended the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse camp in June and they really enjoyed themselves. They talked about what they learnt, even weeks later. Drop off was easy and the school is conveniently located. We appreciated photos and videos from the school which helped us know what the children learnt and could have conversations with them after the camp. The teacher student ratio was also good and the children had a good time. We look forward to joining more of the holiday programs!"

- Shin Min Thng

"My daughter and niece loved the songwriting camp so much, that we signed them up for more singing/songwriting lessons. Natalie was very encouraging and experienced, drawing out their strengths and teaching them different techniques. The girls enjoyed every minute of it! Will definitely be back when we next visit!"

- Ngoei Enying

"My kids love Creative Hearts! We have done multiple holiday camps which all were fantastically themed and wonderfully run. Lots of pictures and videos are sent to parents, so you can really see how much fun the kids have with the different drama, dance and music activities.

We also got Creative Hearts to provide entertainment for a birthday party. They did a great job, all the kids had lots of fun!

The teachers are enthusiastic, dramatic and energetic. The staff are very responsive and informative too. Most importantly, the kids always come home happy. A big thanks to the Creative Hearts team!"

- Ann Yeo

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