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Creative Hearts: Centre for Performing Arts and Music School Singapore

Everyone, from babies to children and teens to adults, can benefit from music lessons.

So whether you're helping your child jumpstart their music learning journey or just looking to refine your own musical skills,

Creative Hearts offers a pathway to a world of creativity and expression that knows no age boundaries!


Ready to discover the countless rewards of making music at any stage of life?

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Our Performing Arts Programmes & Music Lessons

Early Childhood Music and Movement Classes

Developed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, these music classes offer a fantastic way to stimulate early development through music and movement, enhancing cognitive and motor skills.

Vocal Programmes

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Unearth the power of your voice with our bespoke singing programmes. Our singing lessons offer tailored coaching to enhance vocal skills and prepare for auditions and performances.

Group | Individual

Piano Programmes

Little Pianists Group Piano Classes

Open to all ages and levels, our piano lessons are designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of technique, musicality, and rhythm.

Group | Individual

Instrumental Programmes


Available for children aged 4 and above, these courses offer both individual and group settings for ukulele and violin lessons while also covering music theory and improvisation skills.

Musical Theatre Programmes

music activities for kids.HEIC

Aimed at developing triple-threat prodigies, these programmes focus on singing, dancing, and acting within your child's musical journey, culminating in a mini showcase at the end of each term.

Songwriting & Composition Programme


Open to both adults and children, this programme encourages individual creativity in composing songs while teaching the essentials of lyrics, melodies, and music arrangements.

Music Theory Programme

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Designed to prepare your child for ABRSM music theory exams, this course also covers aural musicianship and sight-singing.

Discover the Creative Hearts Difference


Passionate and Experienced Leadership

Creative Hearts is led by Natalie Hiong, an award-winning singer-songwriter and music educator.

Her passion for music and the performing arts, alongside qualified music teachers, ensures high-quality and engaging instruction for students of all ages.


Growing With the Child

From the delicate tones of our 'Musical Babies' and 'Musical Tots' for our youngest learners to the building blocks of piano in 'Kids on Keys', our programmes evolve with each child, offering age-appropriate challenges and growth.


In-House Curriculum

Creative Hearts' holistic musical education is built on three core pillars: Express, Create, and Perform.

Our signature curriculum and teaching style nurture individual expression, foster creativity, and provide ample performing opportunities for children at any point in their musical journey, whether they are beginners or advanced learners.


Learning Through Play and Joyful Learning

At Creative Hearts, we believe that the best learning happens when it feels like play.

Our methods emphasize enjoyment and creativity, creating a joyful atmosphere where students are eager to explore and grow musically.


Early Childhood Focus

Recognising the importance of foundational years, our music education places a strong emphasis on early childhood, setting the stage for advanced musical exploration as they grow.


Musical Foundations from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály

Each music class are developed with the utmost care, blending classical music fundamentals from Orff, Dalcroze, and Kodály to give your child a strong musical foundation from a young age and a lifetime of musical appreciation.

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Community and Connection

Engaging in group classes, such as Singing Stars or Little Pianists programme, fosters a sense of community and connection among participants, creating a supportive and enjoyable learning environment.


Lifelong Love for Music

As a leading music school in Singapore, our ultimate aim is to cultivate a lifelong love for music, enriching students' lives whether they embark on a professional musical path or pursue it as a favourite hobby.

Nurturing Tomorrow's Stars

Performing Arts and Music Classes for Preschools and Child Care Centres

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Early years matter, especially when it comes to the arts. That's why Creative Hearts brings performing arts right to the doorstep of preschools and childcare centres across Singapore.

From Music and Movement classes to Instrumental Programmes featuring the piano and ukulele, there's something for every young artist.

Plus, we can also design customised curricula to fit the unique needs of each centre.

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Testimonials and Reviews


"A great place to learn! We were looking for a place to get started and the group lesson structure was perfect for my daughter as it gives her the interactivity with a friend, and at the same time learning through play with a teacher that was superb. Teacher Vanessa interacts well with my daughter and we have a happy pianist coming home every week to demonstrate her new found ability to play songs. Definitely a place to recommend for kids who are keen to learn from a dedicated team. Double thumbs up!"

- Candice Ng

"My kids love their piano class here! Special thanks to teacher Vanessa for making piano so fun for them!"

- Selina

"I have 2 daughters learning at Creative Hearts for almost a year. The teachers are approachable and able to tap on the strength of the kids. Creative Hearts also have creative ways to motivate the kids to practice! I would highly recommend this place!"

- Chong Ting Ting

"My girl started piano class when she is 4 years old. Initially I attended the class together with her so that we can practice together at home. Teacher Natalie's lessons are fun and interactive. She not only teach piano but music. They learn to sing, read the notes and play with some other instruments as well. My girl always looking forward for the lesson and enjoy the class."

- Emilyn Ewe


"I’m glad we found creative hearts. Teacher Shaz has been patiently nurturing my son’s passion in singing and ukulele since he was 5 years old. The teachers there are now like friends and my son looks forward to lessons each week. At home we hear him singing the songs he learns joyously, that works our heart. Thank you."

- Kavitha Shekar

Broadway Gems

"High energy and interactive class for my 3 year old daughter. She enjoyed singing and dancing with the other children in her class. Highly recommend!"

- Laci Oettmeir

Holiday Camp

"Our children, 3 and 5 attended the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse camp in June and they really enjoyed themselves. They talked about what they learnt, even weeks later. Drop off was easy and the school is conveniently located. We appreciated photos and videos from the school which helped us know what the children learnt and could have conversations with them after the camp. The teacher student ratio was also good and the children had a good time. We look forward to joining more of the holiday programs!"

- Shin Min Thng

"My daughter and niece loved the songwriting camp so much, that we signed them up for more singing/songwriting lessons. Natalie was very encouraging and experienced, drawing out their strengths and teaching them different techniques. The girls enjoyed every minute of it! Will definitely be back when we next visit!"

- Ngoei Enying

"My kids love Creative Hearts! We have done multiple holiday camps which all were fantastically themed and wonderfully run. Lots of pictures and videos are sent to parents, so you can really see how much fun the kids have with the different drama, dance and music activities.


We also got Creative Hearts to provide entertainment for a birthday party. They did a great job, all the kids had lots of fun!


The teachers are enthusiastic, dramatic and energetic. The staff are very responsive and informative too. Most importantly, the kids always come home happy. A big thanks to the Creative Hearts team!"

- Ann Yeo

School's out, let the fun begin!

School Holiday Camps in Singapore


As the classroom doors close for the holidays, the stage curtains swing open at Creative Hearts, unveiling a world of excitement in our school holiday camps. Designed for children aged 3 to 10, our camps are a haven of creative exploration and skill development.

Immerse your child in a diverse range of musical and performing arts activities, from our multi-instrumental camps to the enchanting realms of Disney and Broadway in our themed performing arts camps.

Let your child's favourite characters come to life in our themed general music camps such as Paw Patrol and Trolls. For our younger campers, our early years camps provide a nurturing and fun-filled experience.

With a blend of creativity, engagement, and pure, unforgettable fun, your child's holidays at Creative Hearts will be nothing short of magical. It's not just about having a good time; it's about unlocking your child's artistic potential.

Make a Wish, Be a Star

Tailored Birthday Parties for Young Performers

young beginners group setting

Dreaming of a birthday party that hits all the right notes? We've got you covered.


Opt for one of our curated themes or personalise your own—a creative celebration awaits. It's more than cake and candles; it's about creating a masterpiece of memories with jam-packed activities from dance parties to arts & crafts projects.

Looking to make your child's birthday extra special? Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll do our best to give your child an unforgettable music and performing arts birthday party!

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